or A Silence Haunts Me

…a portrait of a life, progressing from youth’s ecstatic physicality to an elder’s mix of resignation and wonder.

Wandering Heart (Eriks Esenvalds) Commissioned by Sandra Parsons for the Orpheus Choir of Toronto. For SATB, chimes, chime bells/metallophones, Tibetan Bell, water-tuned glasses.

Song cycle: Twelve O’Clock Chant, I Lost My Way, The Road is Too Long

Text: Leonard Cohen (1934–2016)

Length: 16 min 30 sec


A Silence Haunts Me (Jake Runestad)

Commemorating Beethoven 250 Anniversary, Runestad adapts Beethoven’s Heiligenstadt Testament, the tragic account of his onset of deafness and his will to overcome.

PLUS works by Argento, Rutter, Hoybye, Sisask, Tavener and commission by celebrated Indigenous composer Cris Derksen, all expressing the resilience of the human spirit from profound pain to exuberant joy.

October 24/25 or November 1/2, 2020