To celebrate the transformational power of choral music as an agent of social change and passionate medium of artistic expression.


To engage and enthrall audiences through the performance of rarely heard and newly created choral music, celebrating the ‘expect something different’ experience.


Orpheus believes …

  • That music is a community enterprise and that it is our role to share our gift of music in our community through partnership and collaboration.
  • That it is our responsibility to sustain a financially accountable organization to produce and perform at a consistently high level.
  • That respect for all is vital to attract the best, develop the best and retain the best.
  • That choral music is a transformative art that can alter the life experience.
  • That the choral medium is one of integrity that values its art, its audience, its singers and its organization.
  • That singing fosters an environment of fun, of joy and of worth.
  • That singing is an art of excellence and distinction requiring discipline of the person, the preparation and the performance.